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We Tested Top Lash Brands

Tested Top Brands on Real Clients

Unique pbt fibre which you will not find anywhere else is use to create our lash trays. We have spend a lot of time developing this fibre, till our vision became reality.

Lethal Lashes is know for lightweight, flexible, never fail curl due to our triple curl process.

Our Classic, Volume and Mega lashes have out ranked other leading brands in such categories as



♦️Ability to hold curl

♦️Longest lash hold due to unique pbt fibre

♦️Darkest Black (custom colour)

♦️Best price point

  • Over a six month period without telling our clients which brand of lashes we were using we tested lashes by taking the top brands including ours and lashed them with all 5 brands, a new brand every 3 weeks clients then would come back and give us an unbiased opinion. Lethal Lashes was picked 9 out of the ten times which is pretty amazing!

We worked very hard to develop a high ranking lash, when you have great lash products the ability to standout and achieve greatness can be attained for you and your clients.

We designed our products for us in mind first as we needed the best because we ACTUALLY use our own products at our locations and we would not have lash locations without thanks to our amazing product line we can now share it with other lash techs so they can be successful too!

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