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Free Consultation Form + Why it’s important!

Below we will discuss why lash consultations are important for you the lash artist and your clients.

Let me share a story to illustrate the importance of a consultation.

I remember the first time I decided to get lash extensions. I was so excited and couldn't wait to have fluttery, voluminous lashes. I booked an appointment with a lash artist recommended by a friend and showed up to my appointment without a consultation.

The lash artist started working on my lashes right away, and I quickly realized that I had no idea what I was getting into. The lashes felt heavy and uncomfortable, and I wasn't sure if I liked the way they looked. I also had no idea how to properly care for them and had a lot of questions.

I ended up having to get the lash extensions removed and was left feeling disappointed and frustrated. If I had done a consultation beforehand, I would have had a better understanding of the process and what to expect, and I may have avoided this unpleasant experience altogether..

In conclusion, a consultation is a crucial step in getting lash extensions. It allows the lash artist to assess your individual needs and preferences, manage your expectations, and build trust and rapport. Don't make the same mistake I did – always book a consultation before getting lash extensions!

Why lash artists need to do a consultation and why they are important.

First and foremost, a consultation allows the lash artist to understand your individual needs and preferences and discuss any concerns regarding eye health such as reactions or allergies or contraindications.

Plus everyone's eyes are different, and what works for one person may not work for another.

A consultation gives the lash artist the opportunity to assess your natural lashes, discuss the type of look you want to achieve, and recommend the appropriate style and length of lash extensions just for you.


A consultation helps to manage your clients expectations. Lash extensions can be a big investment, and it's important to inform the client on what's required. During the consultation, the lash artist can explain the process, the maintenance required, and the expected lifespan of the lash extensions. They can also discuss any potential side effects or allergies to the products used.

"Since adding a consultation to my business I feel clients appreciate my knowledge and care to create a personalized experience, I feel confident and professional." – Sarah V


A consultation helps to build trust and rapport between the lash artist and the client. It's important to feel comfortable with the person who will be working on your eyes, and a consultation provides an opportunity to get to know them and ask any questions you may have.

Drop any of your questions or comments below!

Happy Lashing!

Download our free consultation form

Free consultation form by Lethal Lashes
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