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Adhesive + Humidifiers - The Good, the Bad, the Moldy

Are you still using a humidifier with your adhesive?

Did you know there is an adhesive that does not need humidity it’s called Black Gold Adhesive

There is no reason to be doing this any longer and if you care about you and your families health, home and clients then its time to stop using lash glue that requires humidity!

Let us explain

The Bad:

Humidity increases the concentration of VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) when using Lash adhesives that require a humidifier. Your lash room becomes a chemical hotbed for extreme toxic chemical off-gassing to occur. This will harm you, your family and your clients with prolonged exposure to humidity and lash adhesive.

VOCs are significant, because prolonged exposure to them leads to terrible health conditions such as eczema, nervous system damage, and cancer.

The Moldy: Conditions within the lash room environment when using a humidifier and adhesive that will arise can affect allergies and complicate respiratory diseases brought on by certain biological agents such as mites and mildew

Mold, mildew, and mites all thrive in environments that are high in humidity. We all know how deadly certain molds can be. This is why it’s important to protect your home or salon from the damaging affects of constant humidity.

Black mold can be incredibly damaging to almost all human functions, affecting your respiratory system, circulation, mental faculties, and more.

We also know some lash techs have stated they have found spots on their lungs from the adhesive as well as itchy scratchy throat, nose, eyes, and skin when using humidifiers and lash adhesive

The Good:

To prevent effects of heath conditions use a humidity free adhesive such as Black Gold which requires no humidity, and significantly reduces toxic exposure.

And we recommend but feel it should be mandatory to lash with a N95 to prevent breathing in toxic vapors with all adhesives. The N95 apart from a paint respirator is the only mask that works. Period.

Paper masks do nothing, cloth or carbon filter masks do nothing and harm you if working with a humidifier.

You should also be using an ionic air purifier As added protection.

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