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Makeup Quick-Fixes For Glowing Skin

1. Invest In A Liquid Foundation

A good foundation can cover up all the blemishes and spots on your face in no time. However, if you want that glow on your face, buy a liquid foundation. Liquid foundation has comparatively high moisture content, which helps reflect light. Make sure to get a non-comedogenic formula.

2. Use A Highlighter/ Strobe Cream

This is the best product you can use to get that glow. Use a liquid highlighter or a strobe cream. You can mix it with your foundation or body lotion to get natural glowing skin. Apply a bit on your cheeks and brow bones for a faux glow.

3. Use A Face Oil

Many makeup artists mix face oil in their foundation before applying it. It gives you a fresh, out-of-shower glow when you are short on time. You can also apply light face oil first and then put on foundation.

4. Try Illuminating Primer

You can use an illuminating primer underneath your foundation to get that “lit from within” look. All you need is a drop of the product to get glowing skin.

5. Get A Bronzer

A good powder bronzer adds shimmer to your face. However, make sure to pick the right shade of bronzer for your skin tone – a sheer and peachy bronzer or one that is a shade darker than your skin tone. Apply it along your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and along your hairline.

Check out this list of best drugstore bronzers.

Although these makeup products can give you a quick, natural-looking glow in minutes, there is no shortcut to getting healthy skin that glows from within. Take care of your skin and make the lifestyle changes listed above to keep it looking healthy and have a glowing face.

*No affiliation or commonissions earned, Source Ramona Sinha, stylecrazy

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