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The Innovation of Eye Lash Retention

Our lashes always take a back seat to our Black Gold Adhesive, but weโ€™re starting to get messages on the daily about how awesome our lashes are.

๐Ÿ’ซWe have some new innovations coming in 2020 that will be applied to all our lashes. This technology has never been used in the industry so we are so excited to be the first and only to bring this to our lash extensions. We are always about pushing retention times further.

Is Your Provider Offering You The Best Brand of Lashes?

If youโ€™re not using our lashes, check your

photos. If the lashes look flat at a refill rather than curled, you should switch brands. A lot of times you donโ€™t even notice how flat they are, but Iโ€™m seeing this happen so frequently. Our lashes are some of the only ones in the industry that are triple processed. And hold the curl even on your volume lashes, such as 0.3.

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Ethan Freeman
Ethan Freeman
24. Sept. 2021

Great rread

Gefรคllt mir
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