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Your Lashes Can Get The Vapours Too! Here's How to be Safe.

This picture is a prime example of how many vapours are actually surrounding the eyes. This lash tech bloomed the vapours by accident. All the white you see covering the black synthetic lashes is actually vapours captured in real-time.

This should be alarming and a wake up call for those of us in the industry.

The adhesive vapours will navigate towards any moisture, for example, clientsโ€™ or techniciansโ€™ eyes, nose, and mouth, including lungs.

Ever watch crime scene investigations? They use cyanoacrylate vapours to get fingerprints off items. That is the same chemical we use in eyelash adhesive. That is the same effect you are seeing on these lashes.

It should be mandatory in our industry to be lashing with proper personal protection equipment. You can buy the right mask on our site itโ€™s NOISH and Health Canada approved, and it should also be mandatory to be curing each client with a nano mister. When we use a mister and deliver the right amount of hydration it stops the adhesive vapours and cures it instantly. If you do not mist your clients they will have active vapours around the eye for 48 hours until the adhesive cures naturally.

If youโ€™re a lash tech we know you can develop allergies, such as cold type symptoms when working with the adhesive. Long term effects? Well, we are the guinea pigs. So Protect yourself!

You can not use (Vog) or particle masks. We have consulted with professionals in PPE. Here in the Vog description:

These may keep your symptoms at bay but you're still exposing yourself to vapours so PLEASE stop recommending these to techs. They protect from particles, not vapours.

I'm very frank about this subject because we are really the guinea pigs of this industry and so many lash techs are getting sick. If we donโ€™t protect ourselves properly, then 10 years from now will have and know the long term effects of using these chemicals. This is a serious issue. Some lash techs are lashing back to back for 6-12 hours a day. Thatโ€™s a lot of exposure. Considering techs only working 1-2 hours is all itโ€™s taking to develop allergies. There is no amount of money or passion for lashes that I want to jeopardize my health for or those I know in the industry.

This is the mask for our adhesive use.


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