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What I wish more customers would ask us!

As a Lash Tech who is constantly fixing work from other lash places, as well as running my other 2 lash businesses I often get asked all sorts of questions regarding the lash industry.

I'm constantly extending my lash knowledge, as someone truly passionate about the lash industry, there is still 1 question that gets me every time.

I'm sure by now you are dying to know what wish more customers would ask!

Firstly if you are thinking about getting lash extensions or you have been getting lashes for a while, you should know that lash extensions should not be uncomfortable in any way.

Make sure you take your time in choosing the right lash place, do not choose someone based on how long they have been doing lash extensions, trust me, years are not equivalent to technique or quality.

In other countries, your lash tech should have a medical background and education, or at the least be licensed.

However, in Canada, there are no regulations, which is pretty scary! We use extremely sharp tools close to the eyes as well as extremely strong adhesives, and you can run into many scary problems due to poor application techniques.

Ok ok ok, so here it is,

In the hundreds of clients and the endless amount of calls and questions, the number 1 craziest question I get asked, is a question I'm not asked at all and wish people would ask me!!

Never does anyone ask me if I'm certified!!

This is crazy because as Canada has no regulations on who is applying eyelashes on you, that means anyone can go online google and start practicing on their friends and then think they are soo good at it, they will put ads on Kijiji or Groupon, make a website and start charging money for this self-taught service... and trust me this does go on...

What is crazier than that?? Yes, there is more you should know..

That beautiful salon, spa, or lash studio, or the storefront is also hiding a scary secret at least in Canada!! You expect when you go to these places they have services that are top-notch and professional, and they are following the industry and Health Canada guidelines, so, for the most part, people feel safe going into these places...

Well, I know first hand that a lot of these place have employees working as lash technicians that have never been certified or professionally trained. The dirty secret is that, if the salons, spas, or lash places, do not certify these employees they feel as though they will have less turn over, and can pay them less. This is why we are seeing so much terrible work, the employees don't have the passion or training that is needed.

Now we know asking for certification is super important you must also know there is another huge problem that even certified lash technicians are experiencing.

Due to lack of regulations again, you can be trained and certified in a 2-day lash extension course, what I find is happening in these places that are doing training are doing the very least to make sure the students are doing great work.

Most of these training places are running with people's money, leaving their students certified but lacking confidence because they feel they were too rushed and didn't get enough out of the classes. This is also why there is a lack of great lash technicians.

I do so many fixes its unreal, these places and people stay in business and is a shame to the lash industry. Some people will have such a bad experience with lash extensions they will never get them again.

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