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I contacted Johnson & Johnson here was the response!

I contacted Johnson & Johnson here was the response!

I will admit the lash industry used Baby Shampoo as little as 3-4 years ago, as techs we knew the importance of Lash hygiene, and lash shampoo was not created specifically at that time or they were just starting, this was the reason we had nothing else to cleanse with. There are many things like Jade stones, thick slow drying adhesives, tapes, cheapest eyepads you know the wet or dry transparent ones, etc that we should stop using as they are old school and are not relevant to the industry today! There should be zero struggles when you take proper training with the most up to date techniques and products. This is a six figure industry for techs and if your not there check yourself🤭

Here are the reasons we stopped using it and you should too today!

❗️Not professional, loss of business. ❗️It contains surfactants synthetic ❗️It contains toxic preservatives ❗️It is irritating to the eyes and eyelid ❗️It Contains Fragrance ❗️Contains multiple forms of Glycol both unhealthy and cause lash extension loss. ❗️Not Designed for the eyes. ❗️Not Ophthalmologist Tested. ❗️Studies show Baby Shampoo is not effective at killing bacteria ❗️Your Lashes won't last as long ❗️Phenoxyethanol, a preservative that shows limited evidence of nervous toxicity according to the National Library of Medicine.. It is classified as toxic or harmful for use around the mouth area and lips. ‼️If something is toxic on lips, should we put it on our eyes? ‼️Plus you will avoid possible legal issues with suggesting or selling a DIY type product that is not safe nor tested for use on the eyes, you can not make lash shampoo and give it to customers or sell it.

If you are a distributor of lash shampoo you know this is so true as products we create have to go through strict regulations and insurance approvals.

*Resources: Johnson & Johnson, lashx, Lethal Lashes, Business Insurance company, FDA, Health Canada.

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