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Our Advanced Adhesive will work for every lash tech.... here's why

A problem high on the lash list is adhesives. Seems like you can never find the right one, and just when you do, your climate changes and again you begin the hunt for a new adhesive.

I get it, I've been there too. I've spent literally thousands of dollars, trying adhesives to find that 1 that will work perfectly in all season and environment changes, and not to mention specifics like humidity, dry time, fume level, approved ingredients, and great client retention.

After all that research, trial and error, I decided to work with chemists and spend my money on formulating, and developing my own creation. The idea was to have an adhesive that is so versital anyone anywhere in the world could use it problem free.

That's when our adhesive after riggerous formulations and testing Lethal Lashes Adhesive was born.

Let me break down the specifications for you.

  • 1-2 second dry time

  • Low-No Fume

  • 6-8 week Hold

  • Flexible & lightweight

  • Flash curing (Nano misting) OK

  • Professional Grade

  • Worldwide Approved

Now I would like to tell you what I see happening is lash techs will get this adhesive, and because it's so fool proof, unlike every other adhesive on the market that makes you need to have the perfect conditions for it to even work, I find lash techs over think the simplicity of our adhesive.

I know it will take you a bit to get use to the idea of not having to start your humidifiers and not checking and maintaining a certain level of humidity. But trust me when I tell you, all you need to do is pickup your humidifiers and meter readers get rid of them. Then sit down with your client, shake it well, and begin to lash. It's that simple. If you need help simplifying the use please contact customer service at

This adhesive will work for you anywhere in the world problem free.

Cassie Lewis

Founder Lethal Lashes

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