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Unlock Essential Information with Our Twinning/Mirroring Method Quick Guide!


If your Mega training lacked specific details on the Twinning/Mirroring Method, don't worry! Our comprehensive quick guide provides crucial information for your lash extension journey, without the need to purchase an additional course.


What is Twinning:

Twinning is a technique that most courses miss because it's a little trade secret to perfecting symmetry.  We wanted to include it so our student's work stands out! 


Key Features:

Concise and Illustrated: A short, four-illustrated-page booklet offering precise information for immediate practice, omitting unnecessary fillers to get you right into action.


Quick Reference: Access essential tips and insights conveniently, allowing you to enhance your lash extension skills promptly.


Focused Content: We prioritize delivering vital information about the Twinning/Mirroring Method, ensuring clarity and direct guidance for practical implementation.


Level up your lash extension skills instantly with our Twinning/Mirroring Method Quick Guide—a compact yet impactful resource to refine your techniques and dive straight into practice! 🌟

Twinning / Mirroring Quick Guide E-Book


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