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Ideal for Lifting, Separating, and Tinting!

Our specialized tool is crafted to perfection, precisely lifting and separating natural lashes while on the rod during lifting procedures. The smoothing end doubles as an exceptional applicator for seamlessly mixing and spreading tints.

✨ **Key Features:**

- **Efficient Lash Lifting:** Designed specifically to facilitate the lifting and separation of natural lashes while they're on the rod, ensuring a smooth and effective procedure.

- **Versatile Usage:** The smoothing end is multi-functional, adept at both mixing and spreading tints evenly, providing ease and precision during tinting sessions.

Perfect your lash lifting technique and tinting process effortlessly with our versatile tool—a must-have for achieving flawless, lifted lashes and beautifully tinted results! ✨

Seperate & Smooth Tool


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