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Unlock Essential Information with Our Mega Training Quick Guide on the Bordeaux Method!


If your Mega training lacked specific details, don't worry! Our comprehensive quick guide provides crucial information for your lash extension journey, without committing to an additional course purchase.


What is Bordeaux: 

Bordeaux is a technique that will perfect the top line which is super important in Mega Volume lashing for perfection! We wanted to include it so our student's work stands out!


Key Features:

Concise and Illustrated: A short, four-illustrated-page booklet offering precise information for immediate practice, omitting unnecessary fillers to get you right into action.


Quick Reference: Access essential tips and insights conveniently, allowing you to enhance your Mega lash extension skills promptly.


Focused Content: We cut to the chase, delivering vital information without overwhelming you, ensuring clarity and direct guidance.


Level up your lash extension skills instantly with our Mega Training Quick Guide—a compact yet impactful resource to refine your techniques and dive straight into practice! 

Bordeaux Method Quick Guide E-Book


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