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Best Selling Lash & Brow Growth Serum

Lash & Brow Growth Serum

Guaranteed 2-3mm of growth within 7 days,

20 Days you will have longer fuller lashes & brows

No chemicals, so you wont have hair fallout once you stop using the product.

Awakens any lashes that have not been growing in a while,

boosting lashes and Brows!

Application is once per day until desired look.

For Lash Techs, Carry this product for clients whos lashes:

Are damaged by bad lash jobs elsewhere,

or mature clients who lashes have thinned out and growth has slowed down

and any clients with short eyelashes, when you encourage longer lashes the client will have better lash retention up to a week longer.

Safe to use with Lash Extensions, only minor downside for the client will be refills at 2 weeks, if they usually see you at 3 weeks, once they stop the growth serum they will continue the usual 3-4 week refills.

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