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Our Quick & Gentle Strawberry Remover! 🍓


Gentle Yet Swift Removal:

Experience the magic of our Quick & Gentle Strawberry Remover, meticulously crafted for a gentle yet rapid lash extension removal process.


 Directions for Effortless Removal:

Lightly coat extensions with the remover.

Gently massage using prep brushes, allowing 3-5 minutes for the solution to work its magic.

Delicately sweep the brushes to effortlessly eliminate synthetic lashes.

For any remaining adhesive, use clean, dry Prep Brushes to ensure a clean finish.

Post-removal, advise clients to rinse their lashes for a refreshing aftercare routine.


Simplify your lash removal process with our Quick & Gentle Strawberry Remover—a swift and gentle solution for pristine, hassle-free removal! 🍓

Strawberry Lash Gel Remover

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