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Introducing Mega Bonder: The Ultimate Retention Booster for Lash Extensions!


What it Does:

Unlock unparalleled lash retention with Mega Bonder! This game-changing product is your secret weapon to achieve the pinnacle of lash adhesion.


How it Works:

Mega Bonder acts swiftly, bonding adhesive and vapours instantly. It introduces elasticity to the adhesive bonding points, reducing the likelihood of flaking or breakage—a common culprit behind lash fallout due to aging. You can get your lashes wet or shower after the Mega Bonder has been applied


Unlike traditional curing methods that start from the outer layer, Mega Bonder uniquely mixes with cyanoacrylate, initiating the curing process from within. By expelling humidity and fostering a tighter bond, it reinforces lash durability.


Say Goodbye to Extra Equipment:

Bid farewell to the need for Nanomisters or Nebulizers post-treatment! Mega Bonder streamlines your lash extension process, eliminating additional gadgets.


Enhanced Adhesive Sealing:


Mega Bonder seals the adhesive surface, containing adhesive vapours within the bond. This sealing effect amplifies retention by an astounding 45%, ensuring lash longevity like never before.


How to Use:

After attaching the final extension, allow 30 seconds before applying Mega Bonder. Dispense 2 drops onto a microfiber or prep brush and gently wipe the adhesive bonding points. Remember, a little goes a long way!


Fast-Drying Magic:

Speed up drying with your fan, and within 3 minutes, lashes are water-resistant! Whether it's a swim, a tearful moment, or even a wash, rest assured your lashes will remain flawlessly intact!


Experience the difference with Mega Bonder—elevating lash retention to new heights while simplifying your lash application routine! ✨



Mega Bonder


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