Faux Mink Strip Lashes

Faux Mink Strip Lashes

Faux Mink synthetic strip lashes easy and safe to use

Competitively priced so you can use a fresh pair daily! 

However, they can be reused 20-30 times, the lash lengths range from 8mm-15mm We also sell latex-free black or white strip glue 

Usage:20-30 times of use Cut to fit, apply our fast-drying glue to the lash band, use a fan or the lash package to fan the glue strip for approximately 15-20 seconds then apply on to the natural lashes, connect the middle then push in the inner corner then the outer corner. 

Optional: Gently curl and apply a coat of mascara to blend in your natural lashes to the strip you can also use your eyeliner and follow the strip to blend even more. 

We have 8 styles and 2 package options plus latex-free glue retail to clients ($20-$45)
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