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Transform your lash game with our Premium Rich Black Lashes and luxuriously soft Volume lashes, guaranteed to elevate your volume lash sets to extraordinary heights!

Crafted for ease, these lashes are remarkably flexible and effortlessly detach from the strip while maintaining their captivating curl, ensuring a seamless application process that results in a stunning and long-lasting look.

For optimal results and a reliable hold, pair these remarkable Volume lashes with our renowned Famous Black Gold Adhesive. This exceptional adhesive ensures a secure bond, allowing your lash artistry to shine while delivering an impeccable finish.

Each tray contains a generous 160 fans, providing an ample supply to fuel your creativity and cater to your clients' desires for fuller, voluminous lashes that stand out effortlessly. Redefine beauty and set a new standard with our Premium Rich Black Volume Lashes and Black Gold Adhesive!

6D .05 Pre-made Tray Long


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