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New Lash Extensions Created for Lethal Lashes.
A Lash Industry First!
Blending the best qualities from the Silk & Faux Mink lash extension making a new lash called Hybrid Fusion. 
1 lash type is all you need to get that faux mink or silk look.
Its made from PBT Fibre of the Highest Quality Possible.  

The New Lash 

In Town

How to use Lethal Lash Hybrid Lash Trays for any look!


Faux Mink Look C Curl 0.15 Natural

-Lightest Weight Great for All Clients

-Semi-Natural Curl

-Faux Mink Appearance


These lashes are best used for clients wanting a natural look, or if the eyelashes are very fine density, great for Mature Clientele.



Silk Look C Curl 0.18 Semi-Dramatic

-Slightly Heavier, Client must have a Normal to Thicker Density Eyelash.

-Semi-Natural Curl

-Silk Lash Appearance


Women who want a natural look but have a thicker density to the eyelash. Where the 0.15 is too light weight of a lash for the natural density or client wants more fullness



Silk + Faux Mink Look D Curl 0.15 Natural-Semi Dramatic

Lightest Weight Great for all clients

Tight Curl

Looks like Silk + Faux mink Mixed

Adds Glamour, Great for clients who want lashes that will be noticed. Also opens up the eyes, noticeable younger appearance instantly. Use weight according to lash density.



Silk /Synthetic Look D Curl 0.18 Most Dramatic look

-Slightly Heavier, Client must have a Normal to Thicker Density

-Tight Curl

Looks like Silk / Synthetic Lashes

Client wants a dramatic look? This is the lash you need! Dark black full body lash look, strong curl. Just make sure the natural lash is dense enough to hold it.

Our Lashes Can achieve Faux Mink or Silk Lashes Which saves you money!

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