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Our Story

Lethal Lashes  was founded on lashing techniques that stayed true to industry standards.  We focused on raising the integrity in our local lash community by committing to excellence with every single client who came in.  Educating our clientele and our community with a higher standard. We take pride in our problem free eyelash application. This includes Zero damage to the natural eyelashes, no irritation or burning.   This is why we have grown so intensely and spread our wings, providing Training & Lash Supplies.  

LETHAL LASHES TRAINING  was created to provide other lash artists with the products my company Lethal Lashes had been using with clients, to achieving amazing looking lashes, 

I noticed that our local lash industry was lacking experienced lash technicians, as many of the clients who walked through Lethal Lashes had many bad experiences with lash extensions and one by one I was turning these  bad experiences around..  

Which in turn Lethal Lashes Training  was created in order to train inspiring lash artists correctly. 

 I also wanted to be able to have a quick go to place to order all the tools they would need to keep their new found passion supplied professionally.

Lethal Lashes is now grown so much we are expanding Canada Wide, there are so many opportunities for those who train with Lethal Lashes and those who really love our products!


​Cassie Lewis

Lethal Lashes Founder

Lash Training Academy and Lash Products

Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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