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For Lash Lifts:

1. Begin with Step 1 (Perm) to establish the lift.

2. Proceed with Step 2 (Fixing) for setting the lift.

3. Conclude with Step 3 (Nourish Lash Lift) to nourish and enhance the lashes.

Here are the recommended times based on lash texture:

- Thin lashes: 5-6 minutes

- Medium or normal texture lashes: 7 minutes

- Thick texture lashes: 8 minutes

Regarding Brow Lamination:

1. Start by applying Barrier Cream to protect the skin around the brow area from potential irritation.

2. Apply Step 1 & Step 2, allowing them to process for 3-5 minutes to achieve the desired lamination effect.

3. If not tinting, finish with Step 3 (Nourish) for 2-3 minutes to nourish the brows.

Following these steps and times ensures optimal results for both lash lifts and brow lamination while prioritizing safety and effectiveness in the process.

Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Serums 1,2,3


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