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Eyelash Extension Services



  Classic Lashes  1:1       $150+Tax

Classic Fill                    $75+Tax

Touchup                       $45+Tax


   Volume Lashes 1:3       $225+Tax 

  Volume Fill                   $110+Tax

Touchup                        $75+Tax


Extension Removals     Free



An Industry First Right here at Lethal Lashes!

The Premium Quality Hybrid Elite Lash

We have created the first ever Hybrid Elite Lash.

Its the best qualities of Silk and Faux Mink now in one lash

 called Elite.  


The Lethal Lashes EXPERIENCE

A Luxurious treatment with low daily maintenance giving your lashes volume, length, and curl. Specializing in semi-permanent eyelash extensions indivdually applied {1 synthetic lash to 1 natural lash} by a

Certified Lash Technician / Lash Stylist

Relax in our heated lash bed, pull up the blanket and listen to our relaxing music as you recieve a complimentary under eye treatment, that will stimulate the skin's collagen to brighten, tighen and tone the skin under the eye during the eyelash extension treatment. 

Lash Fixx is what we do for clients who have had a bad experience with lash extensions from other lash shops.  We will remove your itching, burning, poking, and irritated lashes for you free of charge, when you purchase a professionally applied set of lashes from us!


We Guarantee you will never EVER have lash extension problems at Lethal Lashes






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