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Are your Extensions Falling Flat?

Whether you are a lash tech or client, there is nothing worse then your extensions falling flat.

The minute you notice as a tech or client that your lashes lost all the curl its time to change products or techs. The reason is, those "affordable" lash extensions are cheap quality.

Now there are the rare, but sometimes occurring mishaps that can flat out even some of the best lashes in the industry, such as your love for baking! Yes thats right those sweet treats you love to bake are making your lashes lose curl, if you don't let the steam and heat out first before taking out your baking, that heat and moisture is enough to flatten those lashes in no time.

Another occurrence is camping or nights by those fire pits! Unfortunately when we get to close to keep warm this can actually not just straighten our lashes but singe them too!!! Yes I have seen this happen also with clients who smoke or frequently blow out candles.

But beside those far and inbetween occurrences, cheap lashes will lose there curl faithfully all the time.

When we invest in high quality professional product, you not only see but feel the difference. Paying or charging more for lash extensions doesn't always guarentee you the best, however its a good indication that you care about the quality and integrity of the lash products you use and invest in.

Our Signature Lethal Lashes Brand upholdes only the best professional products to standards unmet in the lash industry, we are the founders of the first adhesive that needs no humidifier its our Black Gold Adhesive, we are also first in the industry to develop Nano Mister Scents, first in the industry to introduce a lash that you can use to achieve both faux mink and silk looks.

Our lashes are made from the highest grade raw PBT Fibre in the industry, they are then triple barrel processed to create a fallout proof curl. They are then cut in a special way unique to Lethal Lashes so that you can get any look needed with one type of extension. We also use a rich black formulation and removed any blue dye, so you get a deep dark lash.

Lashes are not just our Business, Lashes are our Passion!

~Cassie Lewis

Founder of Lethal Lashes™️

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