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The Importance of Proper Lash Lamps

This may look like a standard floor lamp but don't be fooled. 

As a lash tech, we need into turn up the brightness on our clients lashes so we can clearly see and separate.  

However did you know lash lamps are made specifically for the health of our eyes and the health of our clients eyes and the delicate skin on there faces.  

If you purchased a standard floor lamp chances are it should not be being used for lash work.  

A high quality Lash lamp is made with a special light source, that will not strain or burn our hands, face or eyes. 

We carry a safe lash lamp in our lash supply shop.  

If your local to the Edmonton area you can order it and pick it up from us.  

We do not ship these out due to the weight and price of shipping.  

Cassie Lewis 

Founder of Lethal Lashes 

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