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The right time to book a Lash Refill

We highly recommend you book your lash fills according to these indications and not based always on 2-3 weeks.  


✔️When you lose half your extension it's time to book

✔️When your lashes start to out grown a good indication of this is twisting and turning at refills we remove our grown extensions and replace them 

✔️heavy natural eyelash sheds which happen because of Stress, Season changes, 60-90 day lash cycle, hormones etc. 

These simple indications will help you keep your lashes full and beautiful all the time.  If you come in for a refill with 5 lashes because your sticking to a 3 week schedule you might never catch-up with your lashes which will be frustrating and eventually you will need a brand new set, some lash places will only do refills on at least 50% lashes left or it's a new set.  

We have no control over lash cycles but if we book our appointments as we need them rather then by a weekly schedule we will always have full Lashes! 

Cassie Lewis 

Founder of Lethal Lashes 

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