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Lash Techs, Choosing to make your own Lash Cleanser makes you Liable.

Did you know that if your making your own lash cleanser rather then purchasing a commercial grade, ph balanced cleanser for your clients, you can be causing harm to the corneas according to optometrists.  

This includes well know Brand some lash techs are using to mix there own concoction to give to clients.  This product they are using "baby shampoo" is formulated with a numbing agent and was never intended and is not to be used for cleansing eyes or lashes.  

Also when you pre mix any solution intended for use to clients, you then become solely liable, homemade solutions must have preservatives added, or it will breed bacteria.  

You may not know it, but you will personally be responsible, for anything that shall occur to the clients eyes by using something you made.  

Also these homemade products are hard on lash extensions. So it's a lose lose for your business.  

There are commercial grade lash cleansers which are formulated especially for clients eyes and lashes.

Lethal Lashes Lash Shampoo

We suggest our Chemist created PH balanced formula which contains a safe sterilizer.  This natural based cleanser is not just used for hygienic reasons, it keeps lash extensions lasting longer and keeping the natural lashes very healthy strengthening weak lashes, and promotes lash growth, it also treats and prevents numerous eye infections and eyelash mites.   

Completely natural our product 

consists of high quality ingredients. 

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