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And its All Over!

1 Bad Lash Job, and its All Over!

Choose A Lash Tech Carefully

Whether you have finally decided to get a set of beautiful lashes for yourself, or you have been wearing lash extensions a long time.

Listen Up!

Many many lash technicians are not following proper application procedures, or proper sanitization. This is because there is 1% of the lash industry that is regulated. And even the little part that is… GUESS WHAT!? It has nothing to do with the actual lash procedure your about to endure.

I pride myself in teaching my lash extension course with high standards and running my business with the same integrity. But many Students who have trained elsewhere are either under educated, or they are being taught in such large groups that the attention needed to each individual students learning is not there..

It can be hard to choose where to get your lashes done! Trust me I know, and Im scared for consumers, these are our eyes! Lots of women will get a reference from a friend or perhaps they have a friend who is lashing! Thats a great but I refuse to do refills on others work, because 99% of the time the work was so horrible I thought wow customers are actually paying for bad lash jobs.

It only takes 1 time to get a bad lash job, and your eyes will never allow another extension to be applied, sometimes when extensions are applied wrong, and the eye reacts, the next time we try to re-lash you even if its been some time after, and we apply the set correctly, the client will still have a reaction.. unfortunately once this happens you are done with extensions for good..

This makes me mad and if this has happened to you, you should be angry too, that technician ruined this for you! And guess what she’s doing right now? She’s still lashing other people daily like that too.

So remember because they might look good from the front, a lash technician properly trained will have a very different opinion when we see them from the back!

Somethings in life that are cheap are fabulous,

Eyelash Extensions are not one of them!

Cassie Lewis

Lethal Lashes Founder

Master Lash Tech

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