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Lash Shampoo

Sterile Eyelash Shampoo Our specially formulated oil free cleanser can be used daily to wash the eyelashes without weakening the bond of the eyelash extensions to the natural lash. Gentle foam and sterilizing ingredients will effectively remove allergens, oils and bacteria. It will work to strengthen your eyelashes from roots and leave your eyelashes clean, fresh and healthy. pH Balanced Should be used every 3 days and before lash appointments for long lasting extensions.

Created here, for purchase here Only!

Shampoo every three days. Followed by a sealant.

The Lash Shampoo also disinfects the eyelid and lashes from blepharitis, Mites, and bacteria. It's pH Balanced.

Not only is the Lash Shampoo followed by the Sealant super important, but your clients are investing in your service so give them the right products to protect that investment.


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