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Going on Vacation? Thinking about getting Lash Extensions? Think again!

There is not too much that could ruin a beautiful beach vacation, or holiday trip but....

Lethal Lashes gets lots of requests for lash extensions specifically for vacations. The idea is that you wont have to wear mascara and have it dripping down your face at the beach or the pool, and this is true!!

However Id like to give you some tips for getting lash extensions for a trip or special occasion.

I do so many lash fixes in my surrounding area, that it would make your head spin, however I really really REALLY enjoy educating and fixing clients Lashes.. So here we go!

Alot of women who get lashes for a vacation holiday have never had Lash Extensions before so here are some tips for you:

1. I suggest you give yourself a good trial run with the lash tech or company that you have picked.

~There is nothing worse then going on vacation and getting a terrible set of lash extensions, that itch, burn, swell your eyes shut, or poke, its a great way to ruin your trip, and stranded without your tech to remove them! This happens more then anyone realizes, I know, I get the calls for help and deal with the removal of these aweful lashes. You will experience this with lash techs that dont know what they are doing whether the company is big or small this happens so often.. This is how they are doing lashes daily, and it boggles my mind how they stay in business or even would want to continue doing lashes with client complaints all the time.

At Lethal Lashes I guarentee 100% you will never have these problems!

2. Being on vacation in another country is not the place to get beauty treatments like lash extensions!

~ I always feel like people think lash techs are all the same.. we are definately 100% all different!! We are not a cookie cutter industry, we are all completely different.. and other countries have different regulations or next to no regulations like Canada! Im always surprised by people who say "HELP please I got these lash extensions while on vacation and they are hurting my eyes."

Lash extensions are damaging when the tech isnt properly trained on length, weight, procedure, and techniques. So my advice again is do a trial run before you leave to be on the safe side!

3. A common question I get is will the humidity, heat, ocean or pool water ruin my lash extensions?

~ The answer is NO.. If someone tells you otherwise be cautious, the tech obviously has not gotten the extensions technique down and loss of lash extensions would be due to the way they apply lashes, not the elements..

If you do run into problems even after doing the best following these tips, your best to contact the local hospital, or eye doctor in the area you are staying for further help and advice or possible removal.

At Lethal Lashes I guarentee 100% you will never have these problems!


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