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Introducing our specially formulated lash coating, designed to prolong the life of lash extensions and provide comprehensive care!

This clear lash coating is engineered to enhance the longevity of extensions by safeguarding them against skin oils and makeup residue. It aids in preserving the client's natural lashes, helping them retain more lashes over time. The refreshing formula adds a natural sheen, rejuvenating the lashes for a revitalized look.

Ideal for both professional use and as an aftercare product for clients, this lash coating can be utilized at the conclusion of a lash service to semi-cure lashes. Simple directions recommend a light application every other day to seal the adhesive and refresh the lashes, ensuring longer-lasting extensions.

Offering exceptional value, we suggest a suggested retail price to clients ranging from $20 to $30. Elevate your lash services and empower your clients to maintain impeccable lash health with our premium lash coating.



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