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Are you Already Certified? Dont feel Like your Training was good enough, then this section is for you!!

We Re-Train a lot of lash techs who took training elsewhere,  

Usually they  took training in a group setting and they didn't get the focus on them.  Also a lot of Lash Training programs are outdated, We have the most advanced, easy to follow streamline training.  We don't just train you for the basics, We also share with you our secrets that make our lashing techniques stand out among the rest.


So in the comfort of your home, at your own pace and schedule you will be able to have access to our coaching 24/7 we promise to help you in any area of the industry to help you to succeed in business too.  

There will be multiple coaching sessions to choose from so you can pick and choose what pertains to you


We do provide Worldwide Consultations & Coaching, 

Although we know this isn't always an affordable option we have created the answers to your lash problems coming soon.

So get excited to make the change in your business you always dreamed possible 



 Online Lash Coaching 
Videos Launching SOON 
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