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Are you interested in becoming a Trainer or Official Lethal Lashes Location?

We are expanding our business in cities across Alberta and we have

plans to go west very soon to Beautiful British Columbia, then

making our way out east, we also have business interests in the


We are excited you are interested in joining us in

this expansion. Together we will provide top notch service, where

clients or students can go into any official Lethal Lashes location and

get the same high quality service from one location to another.

We are look for those who have been trained by Lethal Lashes or those who would be willing to be retrained in order to have this great opportunity.

We are also setting up locations that are interested in teaching eyelash extensions to others.  Not all locations need to train you can just be affiliated with Lethal Lashes or provide training down the road. 

Lethal Lashes Educators Experience with Us!

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Lethal Lashes By Courtney

It's amazing what can happen in a year,
I went from working at a camp struggling to pay my bills. To now owning my own buisness & never worrying about how to pay my bills again.
Without knowing it I had taken a course that would a year later be my only job! 
The picture above shows you what practice and hard work looks like, I am so grateful to teach other young ladies how to become lash techs and start their new lash Journey. 

So grateful for all that has happened in the last year!!


REGISTER today and train with the best!

Lethal Lashes By Candi

Live the Life you Want!

Work hard , play hard!! 

 Enjoying some family time in the florida sunshine.  

The beauty of being your own boss. Take vacations when you WANT to. Not when your boss tells you it's ok. Become a certified lash tech and make your own hours, live life the way you want! 


REGISTER today and train with the best.

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